South Australia RHD Education Workshop 2017

The rheumatic heart disease workshop is
designed for key health staff involved in the
diagnosis and management of people with
acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and rheumatic
heart disease (RHD) in South Australia.
The workshop will engage participants with a
combination of objective driven information
sessions, and consolidate that knowledge
with a series of targeted clinical and practical

Unspoken (What Will Become of Me?)

Health Issues Centre presents Unspoken (What Will Become of Me?), a provocative and comedic event at the State Library Victoria from 27 - 30 October looking at the lighter side of ageing, declining capacity and how to stay in charge of your future.

Through performance-installations, Unspoken (What Will Become of Me?) will take participants on a roller coaster of emotions through laughter, pathos and reflection to a place where unspoken anxieties can become comfortable conversations.

12th Annual National Chronic Disease Management Conference, 'Person Centred Healthcare: Achievements & Challenges', Melbourne

Join the Panel Discussions on: Private Public Partnerships & Vulnerable Populations. International keynote speakers: Dr Ellen Nolte, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, UK Managing chronic disease: what works? Experiences from Europe
Prof Frances Mair, Head of General Practice and Primary Care, University of Glasgow, UK Minimally Disruptive Medicine Should Be Our Goal

beyondblue Australian-first smartphone app to help reduce suicide deaths

BeyondNow is a suicide safety planning smartphone app that provides a platform for people to develop their own personalised safety plan. Safety planning empowers a client to manage psychological distress and suicidal thoughts; helping people reduce their immediate risk of suicidal behaviour. It involves the person – ideally with support from a health professional – identifying coping and help-seeking strategies that are tailored for their needs, situation and personal relationships.