Two Alliances join forces

Monday, 10 November 2014

The National Rural Health Alliance is pleased to report that it is now an Affiliate member of the Broadband for the Bush Alliance (B4BA). These two Alliances joining forces will strengthen the voice of those advocating for improved and fair access to broadband for people in poorly served areas. At CouncilFest 2014 the NRHA identified a 'Last Mile' program - promoted for some time by B4BA - as a priority for improved internet connectivity.

The Alliance is looking forward to working as part of B4BA to bridge the ‘digital divide’ so that people in rural and remote Australia are not disadvantaged. The benefits of improved connectivity impact on regional development, economic and educational opportunities, health service delivery, professional development and many other determinants of better health outcomes for Australians who live outside of the cities. And reliable access to the internet and to telephony is now something that everyone has a right to expect as part of a reasonable standard of life.