Seeking medicines equity for rural people

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The NRHA is looking for research partners to check and follow up on the findings of the NRHA discussion paper, Access to medicines and pharmacy services, published in January 2014. The paper identified significantly lower access to medicines and pharmacy services for people in rural and remote Australia.

Some further research is needed to underpin recommendations to governments and others to improve access to medicines and pharmaceutical services in rural and remote Australia. More important still is liaison with governments, regulatory bodies and professional organisations to have them lead action that will help give rural people medicines equity.

This is critical as the 6.7 million people of rural and remote Australia have poorer health outcomes, more chronic conditions, higher health risk factors and greater disadvantage than their city counterparts.

NRHA Executive Director, Gordon Gregory, presented a digital poster on the matter at the National Medicines Symposium in Brisbane. The Symposium is the pre-eminent quality use of medicines event held in Australia. This year’s focused on 'Medicines in health: Shaping our future'.

View the NMS program, abstracts and digital posters online.

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