Seeking 'medicines equity' for the people of rural and remote areas

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Alliance was represented at the Rural Pharmacy Forum on 14 March, part of APP 2014, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's Annual National Conference, held on the Gold Coast (13-16 March).

In order to provide those living in rural areas with 'medicines equity' with their peers in the major cities, some additional information is needed. A preliminary study by the Alliance has identified a range of access and equity issues faced by rural people, and a more rigorous study is now proposed.

There is a significant under-spend on medications in rural and remote areas, which is especially serious given the prevalence there of older populations with higher rates of potentially avoidable hospitalisations for chronic conditions.

The Alliance is calling on medicines bodies to engage in a detailed study to obtain the evidence necessary for 'medicines equity'. The proposed study would inform policy development and planning, and improve the effectiveness of the complex range of programs and services relating to these issues in country areas.

Read the Alliance's medications Discussion Paper.

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