Meeting with Senator Penny Wright

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Access to mental health in rural and remote areas has always been an area of great concern for the Alliance. In the last few months, the Alliance has been advocating strongly on the issue. On 11 March, for example, we joined Mental Health Australia at Parliament House for their mental health advocacy day, urging senators and members to release the Mental Health Commission's Review into Mental Health Services and Programmes. The Alliance's CEO, Gordon Gregory, has been highlighting the issue in the media recently.

As part of our advocacy efforts, the Alliance also recently met with Senator Penny Wright. Senator Wright is an Australian Greens senator for South Australia, and their spokesperson for mental health. She has a strong interest in mental health in rural areas. At our meeting, the Alliance outlined our three proposals for improving access to mental health services; all of them were well-received. Senator Wright was pleased to see some detail around our proposals to expand access to mental health services for Indigenous Australians, farmers and rural people more generally. Senator Wright also urged us to speak to the Government about the proposals, which we intend to do over the coming months.