Latest infographic asking you to think about remote health before you vote

Thursday, 23 June 2016
Latest infographic asking you to think about remote health before you vote.
Check out our latest infographic on remote health.

The Alliance has just released the latest addition to its series of infographics highlighting different aspects of rural and remote health. This infographic is the third in the series and focuses on remote Australia - where people experience the worst health status across the country. This population has the highest health needs with the worst access to services. Other infographics in the series include an overview of the size of the rural and remote population and the current deficit in health spending in rural and remote Australia.

There is also an infographic that relates to the state of mental health services in rural and remote Australia. It highlights the great disparity between service availability in metropolitan areas and rural and remote Australia for the one in five Australians experiencing mental illness. 

These infographics are accompanied by corresponding fact sheets which are available for download along with some suggestions on how you can be involved in promoting rural and remote health needs during this election. These fact sheets include The extent of the rural health deficitMental health in rural and remote Australia and most recently The health of people living in remote Australia.

All our election materials will be available through the Rural Health Election Hub.  Drop by often to check out new facts and figures and get involved.  Together we are powerful.