An important guide for Ageing Well

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Whether you’re over 65, approaching the later years, or supporting a family member, friend or client living with mental illness, planning ahead is important for all of us.

Planning ahead is about preparing for issues related to living arrangements, physical and mental healthcare, financial and lifestyle matters. And it starts with a conversation.

Even though planning ahead is important to maintain wellbeing, SANE Australia’s research found that the majority of people living with mental illness, and their carers, are not planning for the future.

Discussions about a person’s wishes and needs as they age can be difficult, but are crucial to ensure choice, comfort and quality of care.

SANE’s new resource the Ageing Well guide has been developed to make the process of planning easier, with a checklist to help people develop a plan.

SANE’s Ageing Well guide is available for download from

Alternatively, you can contact SANE Australia on (03) 9682 5933 to order the guide.