Get the facts on obesity in rural Australia

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Australian National Preventive Health Agency has obesity as one of its targets. Obesity is preventable and its prevalence is affected by the social determinants of health.

Results from the 2011-12 Australian Health Survey, with information from 47,000 Australians from urban, regional and remote locations, show that 63 per cent of the population are either overweight or obese. In 2010-11 the rate of adult overweight and/or obesity increased with remoteness. It was 61.6 per cent among people in Major cities, 66.8 per cent in Inner regional areas, 68.4 per cent in Outer regional areas and 72.8 per cent in remote areas. It will be very hard to meet national targets for healthy weight unless there are specific strategies for rural and remote areas.

A revised Fact Sheet on Obesity in Rural Australia has just been published.

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