Calling all Tasmanians

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Friends of the Alliance is currently looking for Tasmanian Friends who would be interested in participating on the Friends Advisory Committee.

Friends of the Alliance is a network of people and organisations that support the work of the National Rural Health Alliance and the Friends Advisory Committee is comprised of individual Friends from each State and Territory.

Friends provide valuable grassroots connections to help the Alliance better understand the health issues affecting the lives of rural and remote Australians. Their support helps improve the health of the more than 6.7 million people in rural and remote Australia.

Currently we don't have a Tasmanian Friend on the Advisory Committee - so we're looking for volunteers.

The Alliance looks to the Friends Advisory Committee for enthusiasm and ideas for the Friends events at the biennial National Rural Health Conferences - the next will be in 2015, editorial support for the Alliance's magazine, Partyline; and much more. The Chair of Friends provides a direct link from the Advisory Committee to Council of the Alliance.

If you are a Friend (or would like to be) living in Tasmania and believe that you could make a contribution in to the Friends Advisory Committee, please contact

Full details of the Friends Advisory Committee and the role of its members and Chair can be found on the Friends web page.