Call for comment on the Developing Northern Australia Green Paper

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

In March the Alliance made a submission to the Inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia. The Submission addressed the terms of reference under the following headings: developing the region’s health and related industries; overarching policies to enhance health and other industry development; and critical economic and social infrastructure for health and wellbeing as part of long-term growth.

On 10 June the Government released the Green Paper on Developing Northern Australia. The Paper sets out six possible policy directions to develop Northern Australia further, and invites public comment and debate on these: delivering economic infrastructure; improving land use and access; improving water access and management; promoting trade and investment, and strengthening the business environment; fostering education, research and innovation; and enhancing governance.

The Paper, along with submissions received, will inform the White Paper on Developing Northern Australia due out later this year. Public submissions responding to the Green Paper can be lodged online until 8 August 2014. Alternatively, the Alliance will be responding to the Green Paper and your views on the issue are welcome (please forward your comments to