Media Releases

Title Release Date
Real solutions for improved rural and remote mental health services
11 February 2015
Capturing the Magic of Country Life
06 February 2015
The state of mental health in the Bush
03 February 2015
Support for CPD in more remote areas available in Round 6 of RHCE2
30 January 2015
Medicare changes welcomed
18 January 2015
New Minister for Health brings a passion for rural health
22 December 2014
Northern Territory Government to be Principal Sponsor of 13th National Rural Health Conference
19 December 2014
Psychological Services can Pay Big Health Dividends
19 December 2014
Climate change: It's critical!
28 November 2014
University changes must not increase the tertiary education divide
25 November 2014
Let's help stop men’s violence against women
25 November 2014
Last call for abstracts for 13th National Rural Health Conference
17 November 2014
Applications open for 2015 rural medical student scholarship
07 November 2014
Remoteness is no barrier to art in the heart of the desert
03 November 2014
New CEO takes all the credit
02 November 2014
Fairer Support for Smaller Rural Communities
31 October 2014
Connecting Mental Health and Anti-Poverty Weeks
13 October 2014
Primary Health Networks must be local and multidisciplinary
03 October 2014
exStreamHeArt - live from the desert
01 October 2014
Join the People, Places, Possibilities of rural and remote Australia
01 October 2014
Communiqué - All-Party support for rural and remote health?
30 September 2014
NRHA elects an experienced Executive
26 September 2014
All-Party support for rural and remote health!
22 September 2014
Communiqué - Maximising the value of rural and remote health research
04 September 2014
Listen up - it's time we started taking hearing health seriously
25 August 2014
Are you in the frontline of rural health services research and evaluation?
22 August 2014
Research and Innovation in Rural and Remote Health Services
15 August 2014
Share your views and research on the People Places Possibilities of rural and remote Australia: submit an abstract now!
01 August 2014
APHCRI Remote Community Scholarship
27 July 2014
Answers to rural and remote health service challenges on several fronts
18 July 2014