Media Releases

Title Release Date
Programs for delivering a brighter future for the next generation
10 March 2013
Prevention is better than cure
07 March 2013
Donate Life Week: “hope instead of despair”
27 February 2013
Neighbourhood cohesion linked to resilience of rural women
26 February 2013
Improving systems for remote health and governance
22 February 2013
Improving systems for rural and remote health
21 February 2013
“No farmers – no food”: Farmers and mental illness
15 February 2013
ANU’s APHCRI to partner with 12th Rural Health Conference
06 February 2013
“Gold is tempered by fire, brave men by adversity”1
23 January 2013
Rural and remote healthcare policy Think Tank opportunity
15 January 2013
Gavin Mooney: Loss of a champion
21 December 2012
Free access to on-line papers: Natural disasters in rural Australia
19 December 2012
Joint Statement: Better dental care is in the States’ hands
06 December 2012
Health equality in Australia is a national issue
30 November 2012
A National Disability Insurance Scheme fit for rural and remote Australians
29 November 2012
Applications open for 2013 rural medical student scholarship
27 November 2012
Diabetes: Protect our rural future
14 November 2012
A welcome focus on better end of life care across the country
19 October 2012
Contested culture and the ramifications for rural health
19 October 2012
Quad bikes: why can’t we move quickly?
17 October 2012
Relative poverty in a wealthy nation: Anti-Poverty Week 2012
15 October 2012
Conference program shaping up for bright future for rural health
11 October 2012
Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) joins NRHA
21 September 2012
CouncilFest 2012 confirms eight-point agenda for rural health
19 September 2012
A stronger, more targeted approach to oral health care for the long-term
29 August 2012
Senate proposals – big step forward for rural health
25 August 2012
Rural health group demands fair access to new technology
23 August 2012
Health research must translate into policy and practice
21 August 2012
Mount Isa Statement: how to reduce quad bike accidents
03 August 2012
Building a better dental health system: Policy Forum in Canberra, 15 August
31 July 2012