Media Releases

Title Release Date
Budget 98 - Three Welcome Health Developments for Rural People
13 May 1998
An Upgraded USO for Telecommunications is of Fundamental Importance for Rural Communities
08 May 1998
Alliance Raises Proposals to Improve Aged Care in Rural Areas
08 May 1998
Scholarships and Chairs are Good News for Rural Health
05 May 1998
Rural Health Alliance Welcomes Inquiry into Community Impacts of Gambling
03 May 1998
Action for Rural GPs Must Improve Morale and Numbers
31 March 1998
Rural Health Strategy Offers A Way Forward for Health Services
11 March 1998
Peak Body Calls for Dental Services for Low Income Australians
06 March 1998
Action to Improve Public Health in Rural Australia
15 January 1998
National Rural Public Health Forum
29 September 1997
A Healthy Agriculture and the Health of Rural People
15 September 1997
Alliance Calls for a National Rural Health Plan
28 August 1997
Forum Will Enhance Public Health Activity in Rural and Remote Areas
04 August 1997
Don't Set Rural Health Back a Decade
01 August 1997
NRHA - New Resources Home Activities
17 July 1997
Contributions Sought for Spotlight on Rural Public Health
11 June 1997
Health Budget's Welcome Rural Focus
13 May 1997
Alliance Welcomes Federal Boost for Rural Health Workers
17 April 1997
Rural and Remote Health Under the Microscope
06 February 1997
Aboriginal Health - Perth Meetings provide Springboard For Action
02 February 1997
4th National Rural Health Conference to agree directions and priorities
29 January 1997
Alliance Welcomes A Collaborative Step Forward for Rural Medical Services
12 December 1996
Rural Health - Poor Fellow Our Country
22 November 1996
Alliance Chairperson‘Out of Her Depth‘Poorly Informed
25 October 1996
Health Alliance Supports its Rural Doctors
21 October 1996
Aboriginal Health and Housing
02 September 1996
Alliance Commends Initiatives for Rural Health
20 August 1996
Better Rural Health Requires Positive Actions and Attitudes
16 August 1996
The ABC Rural and Remote Areas and Health
15 August 1996
Peak Rural Health Advocate Refunded by Federal Grant
06 August 1996