Media Releases

Title Release Date
Budget Media Release: Progressing on Several Fronts
09 May 2006
60% More Adults in Remote Areas Missing Out on Food Than Four Years Ago
15 March 2006
Tax Review Should Revamp the Remote Zone Rebates
02 March 2006
It's Good that COAG is Involved in Health - But the Devil is in the Detail and in the Delay
15 February 2006
Close Evaluation Needed of Health Service Models and Job Re-design
29 January 2006
Productivity Commission's Health Workforce Future Should be Sooner, Rather than Later
20 January 2006
'Save Our Services'
16 December 2005
Great News for Rural and Remote Allied Health
07 November 2005
John Wakerman Leads New Alliance Executive
06 November 2005
CouncilFest 2005 Media Conference in Parliament House
27 October 2005
Remote Well-Being in the Spotlight
06 October 2005
Professor James Dunbar Appointed Editor of the Australian Journal of Rural Health
27 September 2005
Joint ACSA/NRHA Media Release: Older People Need Better Aged Care in Rural, Regional and Remote Australia - New National Policy Position
11 September 2005
Telecommunications Commitments Must Deliver the Best Available
18 August 2005
Let's Make More of Advanced Nursing Practice - New Report
19 July 2005
Rural Mental Health Crying Out for More Support
12 July 2005
"Seamless Care", the Pdger Review and Rural Health
12 April 2005
Birthing in the Bush - World Health Day 2005
06 April 2005
Conference Media Release: Cry for Help from NT Administrator
13 March 2005
Conference Media Release: Rural Area Health: Not Complaining But Not Complacent
10 March 2005
Conference Media Release: Global Challenges for Australia's Remote Health Sector
10 March 2005
Whatever Has Happened to the Health Gradient, We Know Who's at the Foot of the Hill
08 March 2005
Rural and Remote Dentists and Ambulance Services Join NRHA
19 February 2005
New Year: New Priorities, New Executive for NRHA
21 January 2005
A Vision for Maternity Services in Rural and Remote Australia
25 November 2004
Be an Early Bird for 8th National Rural Health Conference
18 November 2004
All Parties Should Join the Chorus for Better Aboriginal Health
29 September 2004
Wanted: Equal Health for Rural People by 2020
24 September 2004
Major Health Organisations Call for Commitment to a New Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Oral and Dental Health Plan
10 September 2004
Registrations Open for 8th National Rural Health Conference
09 September 2004