Media Releases

Title Release Date
After forty years, surely it’s time
27 May 2007
Will the PM reshape the nation's health landscape?
17 May 2007
Rural Families should be as FITT as any others – but need special consideration
15 May 2007
Better Financial Support for Aspiring Rural Teachers?
11 May 2007
The Lucky Country gets a little luckier
09 May 2007
AJRH writing for publication support
30 April 2007
NRHA joins the work to Close the Gap and to demand Indigenous health equality
04 April 2007
State and Federal Governments to collaborate closely on improved patients’ travel schemes
01 April 2007
TRANSCRIPT - Joint Media Conference on Oral Health
28 March 2007
From the 9th Conference: plans for rural and remote health
15 March 2007
9th Conference: the rural health sector recommits to action
10 March 2007
Good health - not just about giving up smoking and taking up exercise
09 March 2007
Top Performers in Rural Health Care Honoured
09 March 2007
Grumpy old men perform secret men’s business - and more - in Men’s Sheds
09 March 2007
Country Australians deserve an equal share in Australia’s wealth
08 March 2007
Health Reform, Health Professionals and Service Planning
07 March 2007
Rural Health - It's All Happening in Albury at Opening of 9th National Rural Health Conference
07 March 2007
Entertainment with a healthy edge
27 February 2007
Health Experts, Delegates and Studies from Most Parts of Australia
24 February 2007
Emergency medicine in rural Australia: pre-Conference
21 February 2007
Australia’s cancer care leaders to focus on rural and remote issues at 9th Conference
19 February 2007
Des Murray Scholars: the rural future is in good hands
13 February 2007
Workshops on Indigenous Health and Breast Cancer in Indigenous Women
12 February 2007
Continuing Professional Development at the 9th Rural Health Conference
07 February 2007
Workshop on Breast Cancer among Indigenous Women
16 January 2007
Rural Physiotherapists Join NRHA
26 December 2006
All I want for Christmas
22 December 2006
Major events in conjunction with 9th Conference
15 December 2006
Federal Budget Submission calls for a Drought Research Initiative
14 December 2006
Health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
11 December 2006