Media Releases

Title Release Date
NT health commitments must go further
07 November 2007
Democrats solid on rural health - but will the major parties' major proposals help?
06 November 2007
What sort of rural Australia will the next generation inherit?
31 October 2007
Local involvement in health services: Why stop at hospitals?
31 October 2007
Greens show the way on rural and remote health
29 October 2007
Major parties disappoint on rural and remote health
25 October 2007
Rates of poverty increase - but worse in rural areas
24 October 2007
Coalition lags behind Labor on rural health scorecard
18 October 2007
$34 billion would buy a lot of health services
17 October 2007
Election Scorecard gets down to the nitty gritty
11 October 2007
GPs and the future of rural and remote health care
05 October 2007
Rural health workforce fails to register among election priorities
05 October 2007
We need a health system for the future – not selective local announcements
01 October 2007
Drought relief welcome, but what is the future for the bush?
26 September 2007
PATS report moves patient travel assistance in the right direction
21 September 2007
ALP confirms it's good news on dental health
18 September 2007
Rural Summit confirms doctor crisis in the bush
11 September 2007
‘Super clinics’ demand boost in funding and workforce numbers
27 August 2007
Professor John Wakerman re-appointed to lead NRHA
26 August 2007
Ending blame game good for rural and remote health
23 August 2007
Rural Health Alliance to keep tally of political commitments
17 August 2007
Call for national rural and remote area health plan
13 August 2007
Rural delegation to push demands for health reform
09 August 2007
Considering the welfare of refugees in rural and remote Australia
26 July 2007
Conference call: catch up with the Albury action on our website
16 July 2007
Health infrastructure, regional development, and birthing in the bush
14 July 2007
Health professionals prepare PM for the long haul
05 July 2007
Major commitment welcomed - but the national emergency is not confined to child sexual abuse
22 June 2007
Refugees in rural and remote Australia
19 June 2007
Time for special action on drugs in rural areas
17 June 2007