Media Releases

Title Release Date
Topflight research field to attend rural health symposium
30 June 2008
Strategic thinking required for good health in the bush
24 June 2008
Work on a primary care strategy is full of potential
12 June 2008
For improved rural health, look outside the health sector
04 June 2008
No Budget surprises for rural health
13 May 2008
Rural health alliance honours nursing heroes
11 May 2008
Rural Australia welcomes beginning of the end of the blame game
09 May 2008
Chiropractors join peak body for rural health
06 May 2008
Health alliance makes stand for increased rural student support
02 May 2008
It’s time to be bold for rural health
01 May 2008
Big ideas on the right track for improving rural health
20 April 2008
Equal Health by 2020
17 April 2008
Medicare figures confirm poor mental health services in the bush
11 April 2008
The full agenda on the rural health workforce challenge
04 April 2008
Virtual issue reveals all about Indigenous health
01 April 2008
‘Ambitious’ COAG health plan wins peak group approval
28 March 2008
Alliance welcomes a Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer
11 March 2008
Health and Hospitals Reform Commission wins rural approval
25 February 2008
Improved nutrition to play vital role in Closing the Gap
25 February 2008
Communique: National roundtable hears practical solutions to rural health workforce crisis
19 February 2008
Education, health care and mutual respect will help close the gap
13 February 2008
Minister re-affirms commitment to rural and remote health
07 February 2008
The Apology to Indigenous Australia
04 February 2008
Patient assisted travel a test of the ‘new Federalism’
31 January 2008
Australia’s rural lifestyle well worth celebrating
26 January 2008
Use Budget as rural health equaliser
17 January 2008
NZ study shows decline in rural health workforce
15 January 2008
Healthy Horizons offers blueprint for new national rural health plan
14 January 2008
Climate Change Health Alert for Rural Australia
08 January 2008
Health Reform Commission must deal with rural and remote issues
20 December 2007