Media Releases

Title Release Date
Call for carbon emission funds to improve ecology, health
07 August 2009
Media Brief: Using carbon trading revenue to improve human and environmental health
07 August 2009
Spotlight on COAG to advance rural health reforms
27 July 2009
Investment needed to bring e-health benefits to remote Australia
24 July 2009
Health alliance supports call for increased rural focus
22 July 2009
Rural health champion honoured
09 June 2009
Ministerial focus: an important strategic step for rural health
07 June 2009
Regional engagement: a key to rural health
20 May 2009
A fertile time for health reform
20 May 2009
“It’s the social determinants, stupid!”
20 May 2009
10th Conference: Workforce support and telehealth: hope for the future?
18 May 2009
10th Conference: Lessons from rural Canada
18 May 2009
Unsung Heroes recognised for devotion to rural health
13 May 2009
Rural health investments to tackle the challenge
12 May 2009
Working on links between climate change and health
05 May 2009
National conference a major opportunity for rural health
04 May 2009
Conference to consider gold standard for rural diabetes care
04 May 2009
Rural health challenges are highlighted on-line
30 April 2009
Students to learn about better rural health
29 April 2009
Community Day to kick-start rural health conference
22 April 2009
Research grants to improve rural health
09 April 2009
Good news on broadband: but don’t forget the 3 per cent
08 April 2009
Climate change a factor in poor health of rural men
27 March 2009
On-line, on-time and a boon for rural and remote areas
18 March 2009
Cairns to host course in Blood Borne Viruses and STIs
17 March 2009
10th Conference will focus on improved cancer services
16 March 2009
Conference to add to the good news for rural health
09 March 2009
Upgrading skills for healthier communities
19 February 2009
Health Alliance backs needs-based funding for rural Australia
16 February 2009
NRHA re-commits to ‘Close the Gap’ in Indigenous health
13 February 2009