Media Releases

Title Release Date
Scorecard: Greens strike the solitary blow with a national dental care plan
05 August 2010
Coalition's innovative down payment for rural health workforce
30 July 2010
Election scorecard: Holding our breath - turning a little blue
29 July 2010
PM, Abbott urged to debate rural issues in a rural setting
28 July 2010
PM, Abbott urged to debate rural issues in a rural setting
28 July 2010
Rural communities monitor Election Campaign
23 July 2010
Rural Australians urged to participate in national survey
20 July 2010
The Leaders know the importance of rural and remote health
17 July 2010
Two NT Local Hospital Networks would set the desired national pattern
06 July 2010
Rural people want ‘Medicare Locals’ - not State-wide primary care agencies
04 July 2010
Indigenous carers bear heavy burden in remote Australia
29 June 2010
Rural and remote interests keep pressure on health reform
21 June 2010
Rural and remote health research in a reform environment
07 June 2010
Call for abstracts to spread rural and remote health messages
28 May 2010
Local Hospital Networks must be local, not state-wide
20 May 2010
Budget: Some good answers, many questions and a few disappointments
11 May 2010
Time for partnerships to shape rural health reform
02 May 2010
PM urged to 'lock in' single funder for health
16 April 2010
Population size, rural health and the two-speed economy
08 April 2010
Major rural health gains not through hospitals
06 April 2010
‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’
06 April 2010
Olivia Jom Awarded NSW Regional Dentistry Scholarship
25 March 2010
Prime Minister’s welcome confirmation on rural hospitals
23 March 2010
Indigenous Doctors assess the NT Emergency Response
22 March 2010
Government urged to ensure GPs and specialists will head for the bush
18 March 2010
Boost in doctor numbers will be welcome
15 March 2010
One foot forward: Alliance encourages States to support reform blueprint
03 March 2010
Patients’ assisted travel must have Commonwealth support
25 February 2010
AJRH ranked as leading rural health journal
15 February 2010
Budget must address need for rural health hubs
02 February 2010