Media Releases

Title Release Date
Applications open for 2011 rural medical student scholarship
09 November 2010
Nurse practitioners welcome - but will rural health teams survive?
05 November 2010
Associate Professor David Perkins appointed Editor of the Australian Journal of Rural Health
01 November 2010
Rural WA resident wins free iPad for health survey effort
26 October 2010
Keeping Medicare Locals local will be better for rural and remote health
12 October 2010
Broadband: Top priority for regional development and health
05 October 2010
Regions to benefit from latest round of health funding
01 October 2010
Report confirms major rural inequities
09 September 2010
‘Keep delivering to regional Australia - day after day’
07 September 2010
Leaders: Over to you on rural health!
02 September 2010
Rural GP leads action for healthier bush communities
01 September 2010
Independents urged to champion rural health shakeup
29 August 2010
‘Interesting times’ for rural health
26 August 2010
Rural infrastructure under the spotlight
24 August 2010
A Hearing for the Bush?
22 August 2010
Labor shades Coalition on rural health
19 August 2010
Gillard signals green light for rural health superhighway
16 August 2010
Affordable policies for better rural and remote health
13 August 2010
Failure to address rural health issues is a political risk
12 August 2010
No doctor: no support for disability, no Medicare
06 August 2010
Scorecard: Greens strike the solitary blow with a national dental care plan
05 August 2010
Coalition's innovative down payment for rural health workforce
30 July 2010
Election scorecard: Holding our breath - turning a little blue
29 July 2010
PM, Abbott urged to debate rural issues in a rural setting
28 July 2010
PM, Abbott urged to debate rural issues in a rural setting
28 July 2010
Rural communities monitor Election Campaign
23 July 2010
Rural Australians urged to participate in national survey
20 July 2010
The Leaders know the importance of rural and remote health
17 July 2010
Two NT Local Hospital Networks would set the desired national pattern
06 July 2010
Rural people want ‘Medicare Locals’ - not State-wide primary care agencies
04 July 2010