Media Releases

Title Release Date
Telehealth item numbers will help redress deficits in rural health services
04 July 2011
AJRH Impact Factor jumps to 1.070
04 July 2011
Continuing education in rural and remote health – second round now open
17 June 2011
Rural men should all be number one blokes
15 June 2011
Alliance welcomes report on National Healthcare Agreement
08 June 2011
Encouraging Australian-trained doctors to rural and remote areas
27 May 2011
WA Budget has a strong regional health focus
19 May 2011
Improving rural mental health services
13 May 2011
‘A positive feeling about regional health’
10 May 2011
Priorities for the rural and remote health sector
02 May 2011
Bush communities need targeted obesity strategy
27 April 2011
RHCE2: Continuing education grants will fill gaps and support urgent interventions
01 April 2011
Rural adolescents reluctant to seek help for emotional problems
31 March 2011
Kylie Stothers is the sector’s Unsung Hero
29 March 2011
Local health professionals and consumers urged to engage with a potential Medicare Local
25 March 2011
Politics promises progress for people of rural and remote areas
18 March 2011
11th National Rural Health Conference Priority Recommendations
16 March 2011
Minister Roxon to hear 11th Conference recommendations
08 March 2011
Universal broadband offers better health for the bush
04 March 2011
Childhood middle ear infection affects Aboriginal learning
28 February 2011
Crime prevention program sows seeds of hope in the Mallee
24 February 2011
E-health shrinks distance to improve SA mental health services
23 February 2011
Minister reports on next steps for improving rural health
23 February 2011
Depression in the bush: beyondblue presents roadmap
18 February 2011
Reform impacts on Aboriginal community controlled health
18 February 2011
Reducing occupational stress on remote area nurses
16 February 2011
Rural carers: ‘hanging on by the fingernails’
07 February 2011
Budget provides next opportunity to narrow the rural health gap
06 February 2011
Rural health conference seeks blueprint for national reform
13 January 2011
Study warns Gippsland water deficient in iodine
15 December 2010