Media Releases

Title Release Date
Alliance backs Business Council call for health system restructure
20 March 2012
Improving rural eye health in World Glaucoma Week
15 March 2012
Resilient rural women – a celebration and a reminder
08 March 2012
Dental reform must start now - and include rural workforce
29 February 2012
People in rural and remote areas will support AgeWell campaign
09 February 2012
An unfair share of the burden of cancer
03 February 2012
Wanted: a national strategy on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
25 January 2012
Rural Interest Group of Pharmaceutical Society of Australia joins NRHA
24 January 2012
Australian Journal of Rural Health (AJRH) celebrates 20 years
23 January 2012
2012 Budget: time to invest in oral health and aged care
12 January 2012
09 January 2012
Dentists: rare as hen’s teeth in remote areas
11 December 2011
Significant misuse of alcohol in rural areas
05 December 2011
Health risks of global climate change
30 November 2011
New grant round for RHCE2 opens 9 January
25 November 2011
Diabetes should not be a major part of Australia’s world
14 November 2011
Applications open for 2012 rural medical student scholarship
08 November 2011
Women’s Health Study reveals resilient rural women are still short-changed in health
08 November 2011
Rural and Regional Health Australia to lead the way to better health for country people
04 November 2011
Rural communities disproportionately affected by climate change
31 October 2011
Art works sought from rural and remote Australia for national competition - and reward
10 October 2011
Research review must map a brighter future for rural and remote health
03 October 2011
Lesley Barclay to lead National Rural Health Alliance
30 September 2011
Minister to launch Centre of Research Excellence
16 September 2011
Let’s move ahead with National Disability Insurance
29 August 2011
Healthy ageing at home more possible – even in the country
15 August 2011
Local health benefits for rural areas the test for healthcare agreement
03 August 2011
A strong rural focus will keep all Australians healthier
22 July 2011
No Smoking? No brainer!
05 July 2011
Telehealth item numbers will help redress deficits in rural health services
04 July 2011