Media Releases

Title Release Date
Our farms and farm families can be safer still
19 July 2012
Rural health researchers collaborate for better health
29 June 2012
Progressing a National Arts and Health Policy Framework
28 June 2012
Drug Action Week: Information to help people feel better
19 June 2012
Intriguing perspectives on mental health and Indigenous health
15 June 2012
COAG report vindicates strong government focus on rural and remote health
14 June 2012
Positive aspects of rural and remote living Can you help?
30 May 2012
Dying in rural areas is a chancy business
23 May 2012
20 steps to equal health for rural people by 2020
15 May 2012
Spare a thought for rural mums on Mother’s Day
11 May 2012
Improvement in three key areas is foreshadowed
08 May 2012
Round 4 application period: 8 June - 8 August 2012
07 May 2012
Continuing to make a difference in rural and remote health
02 May 2012
Disability support for rural and remote Australians
30 April 2012
The Strategy is fine: Let the action proceed
27 April 2012
Re-balanced aged care will help in rural areas
26 April 2012
Rural opportunities from health reform need better communication and system flexibility
20 April 2012
Policy Think Tank will scrutinise rural health reforms
02 April 2012
Judith Adams: we will miss you so much
01 April 2012
Doctor numbers: three cheers for the AIHW (and Urana)
28 March 2012
Federal Budget: D-Day for Dental
25 March 2012
Alliance backs Business Council call for health system restructure
20 March 2012
Improving rural eye health in World Glaucoma Week
15 March 2012
Resilient rural women – a celebration and a reminder
08 March 2012
Dental reform must start now - and include rural workforce
29 February 2012
People in rural and remote areas will support AgeWell campaign
09 February 2012
An unfair share of the burden of cancer
03 February 2012
Wanted: a national strategy on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
25 January 2012
Rural Interest Group of Pharmaceutical Society of Australia joins NRHA
24 January 2012
Australian Journal of Rural Health (AJRH) celebrates 20 years
23 January 2012