09 January 2012

The third round of the Rural Health Continuing Education (Stream 2) (RHCE2) grants is open from 9th January to 1st March 2012.

Under this program, health professionals practising in rural and remote areas may apply for a grant to access, develop and/or provide continuing professional development (CDP). Highest priority will be given to proposals that are multi-disciplinary and/or inter-professional.

“Successful applicants in the third round will give priority to projects that clearly demonstrate how they will fill gaps in continuing professional development and inter-professional learning in rural and remote areas,” said RHCE2 Manager, Wendy Downs.

“Applications should provide evidence about how the work to be undertaken will encourage inter-professional learning and teamwork in health services – and how it can have a positive effect on the recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural communities, especially AGSC-RA 3-5,” she said.

Just over $630,000 in grants is available in this round to support programs that provide a cost-effective and accessible approach to training. Multiple applications will be accepted but no single entity will receive more than one grant. Projects funded in Round 3 must be completed by 30 April 2013.

Full details about the program, application guidelines and grant objectives, and information on forty-four RHCE2 funded projects, are available on the RHCE website

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Wendy Downs
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