Rosemary Young: a Friend for life

30 July 2013

Rosemary Young, AM, long-time National Director of Frontier Services, has today been given Honorary Life Membership in Friends of the Alliance.

"Rosemary has been a wonderful leader of a great organisation and I am delighted to recognise her as the 1st Honorary Member of Friends," said Pauline Glover, newly-reappointed Chair of Friends.

Rosemary left Frontier Services last week - an organisation she has graced for eighteen years, fourteen of them as National Director.

Frontier Services does terrific work in aged care, children's services, community care and pastoral support in the more remote parts of inland Australia, including with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Rosemary's leadership of the organisation has been strong, wise, compassionate and inclusive.

"Despite the scope and size of her role with Frontier Services, Rosemary has always found time for other organisations and other people," Pauline said. "Through all of her work there has been a deep concern for the wellbeing of the individuals, families and communities of more remote areas. Rosemary and the organisation she led are insistent that people in rural and remote areas should have access to equivalent residential and community services for aged care, whatever challenges this presents."
Rosemary has always reminded all of us that aged care and community services should be in the hands of those who use them - and that by the year 2020, 20 per cent of the population of remote areas will be the descendants of Australia's original inhabitants.

Rosemary was a regular participant and speaker at National Rural Health Alliance events, including the biennial National Rural Health Conference and smaller functions in Canberra. Frontier Services is one of 34 national bodies that make up the Alliance. The Alliance is delighted to be able to recognise Rosemary through giving her lifelong engagement with its Friends organisation.

"We can think of no more deserving Friend for life than Rosemary Young and we wish her all the best for the next stages of her career," Pauline said.

Media Enquiries: 

Pauline Glover, Chair, Friends: 0408 410 010
Gordon Gregory - Executive Director, NRHA: 02 6285 4660

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