RHCE2: Continuing education grants will fill gaps and support urgent interventions

01 April 2011

Potential applicants are being informed that this year’s Rural Health Continuing Education (Stream 2) grants will give priority to projects that meet gaps in existing arrangements for continuing professional development and address situations which require urgent intervention.
“Applicants will need to present evidence which demonstrates that one or other of these criteria apply,” said RHCE2 Manager, Wendy Downs, of the NRHA.
“Early advice is being given of this new requirement to allow potential applicants to collect the necessary evidence to ensure their application is fairly represented in what is expected again to be a very competitive environment.”
Last year’s RHCE2 applications far exceeded the available resources. The grants, which support ongoing professional learning activities for a range of health professionals in rural and remote areas, were in such demand that the guidelines have been fine-tuned to ensure that the benefits are directed to those who have the greatest need.
Approximately $630,000 a year is available under RHCE2 to support programs that provide a cost-effective and accessible approach to training. The grant support is intended to encourage increased collaboration between stakeholders, foster inter-professional, team-based training and joint continuing education projects.
Grants are available to organisations and groups to access, develop and/or provide continuing professional development (CPD) – preferably multi-disciplinary or inter-professional in nature - that meets the needs of health professionals practising in rural and remote areas.
Most health professionals are eligible, but because nurses and doctors have a range of other supports for CPD, the emphasis is again likely to be on Aboriginal Health Workers and allied health professionals.
Applications for the second round of RHCE2 will open in June to August 2011. This year only one application per organisation or group will be accepted.
Full details about the program, application guidelines and grant objectives are available on the RHCE2 website http://rhce.ruralhealth.org.au