New CEO takes all the credit

02 November 2014

In a long and rambling acceptance speech on Saturday night, Gordon Gregory, re-badged as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Rural Health Alliance, listed a large number of people who played no part in supporting him in his work.

Specifically mentioned were his wife and family, as well as longstanding work colleagues such as Janine, Lexia and Leanne. Policy staff such as Helen and Andrew also failed to escape mention.

The occasion was the award to Mr Gregory of Honorary Membership of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM), presented to him by new ACRRM Chair Lucie Walters.

A small number of the hundreds of committed, experienced and supportive people who have been on Council of the Alliance were present at the dinner and were assured by him of the role Mr Gregory has played.

So as to illustrate the sort of leadership and professional experience for which he has had no use, Mr Gregory listed the 11 Chairpersons of the NRHA since its establishment and their various and extensive accomplishments.

Mr Gregory said that one person in particular who had had no part in it was 'John Humphreys'.
"The idea that there are two people in the sector who look alike and are regularly mistaken for each other is quite preposterous," Mr Gregory said. "It's all about me: when I'm in Victoria I call myself John; when in Canberra, I call myself Gordon."

Mr Gregory also referred to the irrelevance of service providers such as One Vision.**
"It is very appropriate that I have the great honour of receiving this award," Mr Gregory said. "Because I did it all myself."

Contacts: Tim Kelly – Chairperson: 0438 011 383