Let's reduce the need for a suicide prevention Fact Sheet!

10 September 2013

The National Rural Health Alliance has a Fact Sheet, prepared jointly with Suicide Prevention Australia, on suicide in rural Australia.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we didn't need one!

How might that be possible?

It will take remedial action on many fronts. Family and community support. Good education for useful work and for health literacy. Infrastructure for recreation, fitness, and community activity. Caring friends, neighbours and workplaces. Health services within reach of those in need. Counselling and pastoral care. And more specialised care, information and services for those experiencing mental health stresses.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Let's talk about what can be done by neighbourhoods and workplaces to identify and support people at risk. Let's see if we can agree about what is best done by families, what by mental health professionals, what by government agencies.

Let's make sure that local Councils and State and Federal Governments know how much we care about the issue.

It's a big ask but let us all think for some moments this week about what we personally can do, and whether there is someone in our personal network who would benefit from a chat about mental stress, or loneliness, or alienation.

Doing nothing won't help. Doing something may.

And if you live in country Australia don't forget that rates of suicide tend to increase with increasing rurality, especially for males.

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Lesley Barclay - Chair: 0412 282 801
Gordon Gregory - Executive Director: 02 6285 4660

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