Hobart last port of call for rural health CPD meetings

12 November 2015

Anyone with an interest in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for health professionals and who can be in Hobart on Monday 23 November should attend the Roundtable meeting being held at the Bahai Centre, 1 Tasman Highway, from 9.00am to 3.00pm.

The meeting will ensure that a Tasmanian perspective is included in further information and networking activity about rural CPD.

Starting in Broome in early August, the Alliance has held a series of networking and knowledge transfer meetings around the country on the issue of CPD in rural and remote areas.  The purpose of the meetings has been to try to ensure that health professionals' needs will still be met despite the transition from Medicare Locals to PHNs and the ending of funding through the Rural Health Continuing Education Stream 2 (RHCE2) program at the end of December 2015.

Discussion at the meetings has explored what is happening in each jurisdiction, how CPD issues need to be addressed to meet local workforce needs, who will be involved, and how CPD can be supported and funded. 

The meetings in the various jurisdictions have identified some common themes, as well as some specific State and Territory concerns. One of the common requests has been for a centralised point of sharing information on CPD and scholarship opportunities.

“It is important that the Tasmanian voice is heard and added to the mix and we would like to encourage anyone with an interest in the provision of CPD for rural and remote health professionals to come along and join the discussion,” said NRHA's CEO Gordon Gregory.

“It is of critical importance that CPD is available to rural and remote health professionals when and where it is needed. These meetings have highlighted the gaps in rural CPD that will be left when RHCE2 funding ends in December 2015,” he said.

The outcomes of the Hobart meeting will be collated with the outcomes of the other meetings and together they will equip the Alliance with accurate and up-to-date information which can be the basis for the Alliance’s final report and national advocacy on the matter.

There is no cost to attend this meeting and anyone wishing to attend the Hobart meeting can send their details to conference@ruralhealth.org.au or phone 02 6285 4660.

Media Enquiries: 

Gordon Gregory, CEO:  02 6285 4660
Geri Malone, NRHA Chair:  0409 899 050