Grants program for rural/remote CPD: Round 5 opens soon

17 July 2013

The application process for Round 5 of the Rural Health Continuing Education Stream 2 Program (RHCE2) will be open from 8 August to 10 October 2013.

RHCE2 is one of a number of Australian Government measures to help health professionals in rural and remote Australia access cost-effective continuing professional development (CPD).

Details about RHCE2, including application guidelines, are at

The National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) manages RHCE2 for the Australian Government.
Eligible professionals are Aboriginal Health Practitioners/Workers, allied health professionals, nurses, midwives and general practitioners working in rural and remote areas of Australia. Grants will help such people, both as individuals and as members of multidisciplinary teams, to provide effective care and will also support other approaches to their recruitment to, and retention in, rural and remote areas.

Eligibility for RHCE2 is restricted to people in ASGC-RA 2-5, with preference being given to RA3-5. Like the earlier ones, Round 5 will give priority to projects to address demonstrated gaps in existing arrangements for CPD for which support is not available from other sources.

“Applicants will need to present evidence which demonstrates that some particular CPD is required and cannot be provided by their own professional body or employer," said Wendy Downs, RHCE2 Manager with the NRHA.

Organisational providers may be professional colleges, member-based organisations, service providers or their peaks, universities, non-government organisations or RTOs. Partnerships between organisations or groups are encouraged.

Eligible training developers and providers will be nationally accredited or endorsed by professional bodies, or able to demonstrate suitable qualifications, skills and experience to achieve the aims of the program, including the capacity to deliver professional learning for and in rural, regional and remote areas.

Round 5 projects must be completed by 30 October 2014.

Media Enquiries: 

Wendy Downs, RHCE2 Program Manager, Freecall: 1800 987 440; or 02 6162 3374