DonateLife Week is 'Changing Lives'

26 February 2014

This is DonateLife Week - Australia’s national awareness week to promote organ and tissue donation. The week encourages Australians to talk about the possibility of becoming an organ donor so that even more Australians can have a healthier future.

We're asking people in rural and remote areas to lead the way on this. Becoming an organ donor is simple and quick to do. Such generosity can save a life, or more than one life, and transform the lives of recipients and their families.

You can register your decision to become an organ and tissue donor at any Medicare branch or phone 1800 777 203 or register online at the Australian Organ Donor Register website:

In Australia in 2012, 354 organ donors gave 1,053 Australians a new chance in life.

Having the chat with your family will help you be prepared, should you ever be asked to confirm a loved one's donation decision. It's a chat that could one day save lives. One donor can transform the lives of up to 10 people and significantly improve the lives of many more.

The majority of Australians are willing to become organ and tissue donors, but the family's support and agreement are needed. Although three in four Australians have discussed donation with their family, only 53 per cent of people know what the definite decision on organ and tissue is for their loved ones. DonateLife Week is aiming to encourage every Australian family to discuss and confirm their loved ones' donation decisions.

One of the inspiring stories on the DonateLife ‘stories of hope’ page is about Judy and Ian Batty tragically losing their son in a car accident and the lives he saved through his organ donations. Later on that year Judy herself needed a kidney transplant and received a donation that she described as having “changed her life completely”.

Australia is a world leader in successful transplant outcomes. However there are still around 1,600 people on the organ and tissue donation waiting list.

A resource kit relating to the special week is available at .

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Tim Kelly – Chairperson: 0438 011 383
Gordon Gregory – Executive Director: 02 6285 4660

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