Continuing education in rural and remote health – second round now open

17 June 2011

The second round of the Rural Health Continuing Education Stream Two (RHCE2) is open for applications until 8 August 2011. The RHCE2 program is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Health and Ageing and administered by the Alliance.
RHCE2 grants are available for organisations and groups of individuals to access, develop and/or provide continuing professional development (CPD), continuing professional education (CPE), multi-disciplinary training or inter-professional learning (IPL) and orientation activities that meet the needs of: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers; allied health professionals; general practitioners, or nurses and midwives
who practise in rural and remote areas of Australia.
The RHCE2 program will support selected cost-effective training that encourages increased collaboration between professions and supports the attraction and retention of health professionals in rural and remote areas.
In the 2011 round, priority will be given to funding gaps in existing arrangements for CPD and supporting initiatives that can be demonstrated by evidence-based research as in need of urgent intervention.
Successful applications will support programs that are: accredited or endorsed by the relevant professional body or bodies; directly relevant to the current employment of program participants in a rural or remote area; and delivered in Australia.
Applications must be made on the online application form on the RHCE2 website at Applicants should read the application guidelines carefully before applying for a grant. Multiple applications will be accepted but, given the strongly competitive nature of the RHCE2 grants, no single entity will be allocated more than one grant.
Further information: Wendy Downs – RHCE2 Program Manager: 02 6162 3374