Art, pain, autism and much more in the new Partyline

09 April 2014

The new issue of Partyline, the compact and colourful magazine of the National Rural Health Alliance, is online now! You can download your copy from

April Partyline has an inspiring article on how the synergy of arts and health helped to heal communities that had been ravaged by bushfires. Vivid photographs illustrate how a steel and copper tree and some beautifully hand-crafted metal gumleaves were made to commemorate lost lives and recovering communities after the 2009 Victorian bushfires. The Australian Blacksmiths Association (Vic) created The Tree Project, demonstrating the power of art to heal.

Alex Page wants to stop the pain suffered by people in Aboriginal communities. He travels hundreds of kilometres to see patients who would never normally see a pharmacist. Chronic pain is more common in rural and remote areas of Australia and access to treatment is a lot more difficult than in the cities. You can read the inspiring story of Alex and his hands-on team in Partyline.

There is also the story of the life-changing journey of Tim Baird who volunteered with Australian Doctors International and went to Papua New Guinea to treat some isolated patients and to train health workers.

There has been a 25-fold increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism in the past three decades. You can read about the new Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) on autism and also the Inquiry into speech pathology services.

You can read about how climate change will affect health, smoking and rural health, and about the 500 species of bacteria that live in your mouth (most of them good).

The April issue of Partyline has articles on best practice for prevention and treatment of skin cancer, oncology massage therapy and we hear from Cancer Voices Australia. Learn more about the Tree project on Facebook: and read about a wide range of rural and remote health issues at

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