The National Rural Health Alliance is encouraging everyone to think about rural and remote health when they vote.

Our latest collection of infographic looks at the current $2 Billion deficit for rural & remote health, and more specifically at the issues of mental health.

On Thursday 9 June, the NRHA held a free public webinar titled 'The making of Australia's rural and remote health sector – and its challenges for the future'. This webinar is now available to watch online.
Caring for Country Kids key outcomes
Twelve key NRHA/CHA outcomes from the Caring for Country Kids conference can now be viewed on the Caring for Country Kids website.
A World of Rural Health
Recently in Canberra the Minister for Rural Health, Fiona Nash, formally launched what will be the most important public event of 2017 for rural, regional and remote health.
The little book of rural health numbers
A recent report from the AIHW shows that some groups in Australia are at much higher risk of smoking or being exposed to second-hand smoke than others...