Medicare was designed to provide Australians with universal access to high-quality healthcare regardless of where they live, or their ability to pay. The National Commission of Audit pointed out that co-payments have the potential to act as a barrier to accessing care for low income groups and heavy users of the health system.

Mental health infographic
Tragically, a higher proportion of people in rural and remote areas pay the ultimate price of mental illness and related concerns. While mental health challenges in rural and remote Australia are widespread and serious, it's not all bad news.
Road with truck
The rate of serious road-related injury among those living outside major cities is nearly twice that of those living within them. Country people are also more than three times more likely to die as a result of a transport accident than their city cousins.
Why do you #loverural? Find out what is behind the #loverural campaign and how you can get on board. Watch the video and listen in as Josie Dunham (Conference team) explains to Anne-marie Boxall (Senior Policy Advisor) how you can celebrate and share with your friends – and the world – what is great about rural life in Australia.