Over 1100 delegates attended the 13th National Rural Health Conference held in Darwin, 24 – 27 May 2015. Alliance Board members Tim Kelly, Lynne Strathie and Gordon Stacey share their highlights from what was an exciting and packed program.

The further a person lives from a major city, the higher their chance of being hospitalised or dying from cardiovascular disease. This is largely preventable.
Imagine Me is a powerful photographic project about inspiration and resilience, that gives people with Spinal Cord Injury a voice to express and visualise their experiences
Why do you #loverural? Find out what is behind the #loverural campaign and how you can get on board. Watch the video and listen in as Josie Dunham (Conference team) explains to Anne-marie Boxall (Senior Policy Advisor) how you can celebrate and share with your friends – and the world – what is great about rural life in Australia.