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One of the strengths of the biennial National Rural Health Conference is its capacity to generate recommendations for action to improve policies and programs for rural and remote health. The recommendations play a key part in setting the rural and remote health sector's agenda for subsequent years.  View the final priority recommendations as presented to the Assistant Minister for Health on the final day.

Budget 2017-18
Rural health got almost no attention in the Budget and this is a glaring omission.  The Alliance will continue to advocate for a long-term commitment to develop a new national rural and remote health plan that can identify concrete, on-the-ground building blocks, including funding models, to bridge the divide in health outcomes for people living outside the major cities of Australia. 
What qualities do we need in a rural health commissioner?
As the rural health sector waits to find out who Australia‚Äôs first National Rural Health Commissioner will be, we question can the Commissioner actually be all things to all people?
During CouncilFest 2016 five key priorities were agreed by Council to set the direction for the Alliance and to help create measurable objectives for rural and remote health.
 Janine Mohamed,  Martin Laverty and Geri Malone seated at the National Press Club in Canberra
On 22 November 2016, the National Rural Health Alliance presented its first National Press Club Address, 'Fixing rural and remote health'.