Here is Gordon Gregory with reminders about three upcoming meetings: in Hobart about CPD for health professionals; an information seminar on the Modified Monash model (Canberra, 2 December); and getting involved in one way or another with the Caring for Country Kids Conference (17-19 April next year). But wait: there's more! Have you thought of joining Friends of the Alliance?

Public Seminar
The Australian Government Department of Health is starting to use the Modified Monash (MM) system for classifying remoteness in some of its programs. It is likely that the MM will gradually take the place of the ASGC - RA system. The NRHA is holding a free information session on MM in Canberra on 2 December 2015.
After a significant period of consultation and background work, the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee has released its 2015 report. The NRHA also commissioned a background paper from Baradel Economics.
Some of the underlying reasons that people living in rural and remote areas of Australia generally experience poorer health outcomes and die younger than their counterparts in the major cities are examined in our submission on Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Primary Health Care.