Wed 7 March - Sat 10 March 2007

Mission Statement

The National Rural Health Conference belongs to the rural and remote health community. 

Looking after the event and managing its success is the most important project of the National Rural Health Alliance.  The conference is a key element of the Alliance’s core business.  It is a key part of the agenda-forming process for the rural and remote health sector as a whole, including for the Alliance’s work for each two-year period.

The Conference potentially includes all sectors that can make a major contribution to the health of people in country Australia.  It aims to widen the rural and remote health community to include people involved in education, the environment, transport, economic development and community services.  It reminds us that the rural health community includes many people who live and work in the major cities and who care about the health of people from country areas.

For the rural and remote health sector itself the Conference aims to:

  • showcase developments on the ground;
  • engage health consumers with others in the sector;
  • provide an opportunity for research reports to be delivered by experienced and beginning researchers;
  • encourage information dissemination and the building of networks in the pursuit of better health;
  • anticipate developments and issues and help set the sector’s agenda; and
  • promote an awareness of rural and remote health issues.

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