Wed 7 March - Sat 10 March 2007

9th National Rural Health Conference Media Releases

27 March 2007 NICS Evidence Into Action Prize   47KB
15 March 2007 From the 9th Conference: plans for rural and remote health 30KB
10 March 2007 9th Conference: the rural health sector recommits to action 44KB
9 March 2007 CSA supporting separated parents in rural and regional areas 36KB
9 March 2007 Good health - not just about giving up smoking and taking up exercise 24KB
9 March 2007 Grumpy old men perform secret men’s business - and more - in Men’s Sheds 40KB
9 March 2007 Top Performers in Rural Health Care Honoured 29KB
8 March 2007 Paramedic Expanded Scope of Practice 459KB
8 March 2007 Country Australians deserve an equal share in Australia’s wealth 21KB
7 March 2007 Rural Health - It’s All Happening in Albury at opening of 9th National Rural Health Conference 26KB
7 March 2007 Health Reform, Health Professionals and Service Planning 21KB
5 March 2007 Child safety restraints, planning for disasters, blue algae in hospital water supply, pandemics and more - News stories from International Rural Nursing Congress 38KB
28 February 2007 Rural and Remote Nurses meet with International Colleagues 40KB
27 February 2007 2007 Entertainment with a healthy edge 27KB
24 February 2007 Health Experts, Delegates and Studies from Most Parts of Australia at 21KB
21 February 2007 Emergency medicine in rural Australia: pre-Conference 36KB
19 February 2007 Australia’s cancer care leaders to focus 34KB
13 February 2007 Des Murray Scholars: the rural future is in good hands 23KB
12 February 2007 Workshops on Indigenous health and breast cancer in Indigenous women: 26KB
7 February 2007 Continuing Professional Development at the 9th Rural Health Conference 16KB
16 January 2007 Workshop on Breast Cancer among Indigenous Women 42KB

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