Owen Allen, Chair of the Conference Advisory Committee and Convenor of the Conference, NRHA Councillor representing SARRAH, Atherton Qld
Sharon Appleyard, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, ACT

Neil Beaton, Medical Director, Atherton Hospital, Atherton Qld

Kathy Brown, Health Services Director, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, Qld

Lesley Fitzpatrick, CEO, Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, ACT

Louise Lawler, School of Rural Health, Uni of Sydney, Dubbo NSW

Ann Miller, Queensland Health, Qld

Jane Mills, President of ARNM, Cairns Qld

Lana Prout,  former NRHA Councillor, representing the National Rural Health Student Network

Ruth Smiles, Executive Director, Regional Arts Australia, SA

Melissa Robertson, Arts Nexus, Cairns Qld

Pauline Wardle, Conference Treasurer, NRHA Treasurer representing Frontier Services, Alice Springs NT


Lyn Eiszele, Conference Manager, NRHA

Gordon Gregory, Executive Director, NRHA

Bill Laing, Spectrum Graphics

Pauliina Kelly & Anthony Allardyce, Travel Makers

Paulina Leko, Conference Co-ordinator, NRHA

Frank Meany, One Vision

Justin Neale, IT Manager, NRHA

Debbie Phillips, DP Plus

Marshall Wilson, Media Adviser, NRHA

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The NRHA receives core funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing