The Louis Ariotti Memorial Award

The Toowoomba Hospital Foundation presented the Louis Ariotti Memorial Award in honour of the legendary Queensland bush practitionerwho passed away in October 2008.

The Award of $5000 recognises a major contribution to advancing rural and remote health in Australia. The award went to Vicki Sheedy.


The Des Murray Scholarship

The Des Murray Scholarship is awarded in memory of a great friend to the rural and remote community. The scholarship is for young person coming from a remote area, and was awarded this year to Caroline Rogers

The Toowoomba Hospital Foundation Research Grants Awards

The Toowoomba Hospital Foundation Research Grants Awards are designed to promote and support health-related research relevant to practice and policy in rural and remote health in Australia.

The two THF Research Grants are valued at $5000 each.  This year they were awarded to Gillian Gould and Jane Gately

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