On 17 December 2015 the NRHA held a free webinar that saw three prominent mental health experts talking about the rural and remote implications of the Government's intended changes following the release of the ‘National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services’.

If you missed this webinar you can watch it now.

The Modified Monash system (MM) for the classification of a place's remoteness and size was introduced a few months ago. It has already taken the place of ASGC-RA in the administration of some Australian Government  health programs. If you missed the NRHA's information session about MM on Wednesday 2 December 2015, you can go online and watch it in your own time - or in your boss's time if it relates to your work!
It has been said that giving an extra year's education to a teenage mum adds some years to the life expectancy of their child at birth. If this is true it illustrates something about the complex relationship between health and education, and about intergenerational change where health and wellbeing are concerned. There is no more powerful determinant of lifelong wellbeing than the combined role of health and education.
The little book of rural health numbers
A recent report from the AIHW shows that some groups in Australia are at much higher risk of smoking or being exposed to second-hand smoke than others. They include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, those living in remote or socioeconomically disadvantaged areas, and single parents with dependent children.